Winter Term 18/19

We are involved in teaching the following courses: Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion 2 (MMI 2), Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI), Hauptseminar Menschenzentrierte Interaktion mit ubiquitären Computersystemen, Praktikum Webprogrammierung, etc. as listed on our website.

In cooperation with the project Amplify we are happy to announce the following guest speakers for the lecture MMI 2:

Date Speaker Topic
24.10.2018 Jason Orlosky Virtual Reality
07.11.2018 Stavros Tasoudis Participatory Prototyping to Inform the Development of a Remote UX Design System in the Automotive Domain
14.11.2018 Stephan Streuber Avatars and Social Interactions/Engineering Social Realism
11.12.2018 Saskia Bakker Designing Peripheral Interactions
12.12.2018 Pedro Lopes Systems based on Electrical Muscle Stimulation
19.12.2018 Hans Gellersen Gaze Interfaces w/o Calibration
09.01.2019 Alexander Meschtscherjakov User Experience in Automated Contexts
16.01.2019 Florian Echtler Instant Interaction
23.01.2019 Florian Daiber HCI and Sports
30.01.2019 Stephen Fairclough Physiological Computing & Intelligent Adaptation
06.02.2019 Andreas Löcken Multimodal Attention Directing Cues

Students attending the lecture are invited to write Blogposts about the presented topic.
The Blogposts can be read here.